Cate’s passion for human evolution is fuelled by more than three decades as an activist, yoga teacher, meditator, occupational therapist and therapeutic masseuse. 

Finding the nexus between ‘acting in to act out ‘and ‘acting  out to act in’ is what Cate is all about.

Her experience in switching people onto possibilities for mindfully managing physical and mental health is what she brings to yoga.

She established Yoga Solutions, the first workplace-based yoga program in Australia.

This  business has now evolved into Healthy Results – presenting the rich lessons yoga has to improve life at work, with the intention to stop in its tracks the mental and physical shutdown so many of us experience whilst earning a living (have a look into statistics on Presenteeism).

Cate is the Founding CEO of  Mad4Massage, a network of masseuses providing event, workplace and online booking services across Australia, and Healthy Results Seminars, a series of 12 easy-to-understand seminars giving people direct access to the raft of tools yoga provides to excite people to take the path to ultimate health.

Cate also founded YogaPass, a community of more than 500 yoga studios across Australia and New Zealand which is intent on introducing yoga as common practice to address the health issues our communities face.

With nothing much else to do she got really busy then and also founded LovEarth Yoga Mats – made of jute & natural tree rubber, they are ecologically sustainable as fully biodegradable with a spectacular grip!

She continues to support  Yoga Australia in order to see where we might go as yoga flourishes on this side of the Tasman.

Cate has a great passion for her teaching and activist work with Off the Mat, Into the World which mobilises and ignites the yoga community to be of true service.

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